S-Wallet is a simple and safe wallet for all types of operations with crypto and fiat currencies, for individual and corporate users, and also a financial aggregator.

With S-Wallet, users are open to lots of benefits which includes:

  • Reliable data protection system with high level of control at every stage of financial transactions.
  • Guaranteed liquidity and unlimited crosschain exchanges of digital assets.
  • Intuitive interface on the S-Wallet mobile app.
  • Open and convenient transaction history.
  • Support for popular blockchain networks; ERC-20, TRC-20, BEP-20.

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S-Wallet is a decentralized solution for managing digital assets. S-Wallet has over 50,000 daily users, covers over 115 countries, supports 4 networks and has 2 fiat assets.

Aggregation is the consolidation of an individuals financial data from multiple institutions to one singular institution.

As the best financial aggregator, S-Wallet offers you a single solution for all types of transactions with crypto and fiat currencies.

S-Wallet takes care of the safety of its clients funds and provides an increased level of control at every stage of financial transactions.

The highest implementation standards ensure the reliability in the use of the multi-currency wallet for personal and corporate purposes all around the world.

Make the best decision by choosing S-Wallet as your financial aggregator.





SWP is a token created by S-Wallet ecosystem and operates on the Binance smart chain network.

All SWP token holders are open to SWP token features and opportunities like:

  • Participation in S-PAD.
  • Discount on commissions for individual users.
  • SWP Staking with up to 70% return.
  • Participation in the lending platform (credit system)

Despite the current down time in the crypto market, SWP token is still making waves and in profit.

The S-Wallet team is actively working on improving the token so that the holders get even more opportunities for profit.

You too can be a holder and share the profits entitled to SWP token holders.