Main Updates Of The S-Wallet Ecosystem In The Last Three Months.

The S-Wallet ecosystem keeps moving forward with lots of updates and big moves. There's been lot of progress in the past 90 days of which you'll learn from this article.

In the past 3 months, the S-Wallet ecosystem has transformed its status and listed below are what’s been birthed in the S-Wallet ecosystem in the past 3 months:

🤳 Fourth round of the SWP Staking.

🤳 Registration of SWP token on coin Gecko.

🤳 Successful launch of the S-Wallet Ambassador Program

🤳 Financial transactions with SWP token in SAFEPAL.

🤳 S-Wallet listing on Hotbit Exchange.

🤳 Trade Contest for S-Wallet token holders.

🤳 S-Wallet Mobile App in app store and Google Play store.

🤳 S-Wallet Mobile App Contest

🤳 Rewards distribution For S-Wallet trading Contest

🤳 Depositing S-Wallet with bank card.

🤳 Improvements and updates to the S-Wallet Mobile App.



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